You must follow The Rule of Signatures:
Proper English Autograph (right hand justified)
All Rights Reserved:
By Authorized Representative:
john-henry: doe
Under Duress
Without Recourse In the case of a married woman:
By Authorized Representative:
mary-ann: smith (maiden name)
a/k/a mary-anne: jones (married name)
Under Duress
Without Recourse

You’ve got to get the following documents together.

Authenticated Birth Certificate

The Birthdate is created by the state you were born in; if you have an authenticated Birth Certificate (you will get it authenticated at the vital statics office) you have proof that the Birthdate is not yours, it belongs to the State you were born in. i.e. “The CORPORATION state of Michigan Department of Health vital statistics.”

The Certificate number is the Grantor of that ALL CAPS NAME, and Birthdate. i.e. Michigan Department of Health created the NAME. Reminder, the CAPITAL LETTER NAME belongs to The CORPORATION state of Michigan Department of Health vital statistics.

The Grantor of that Birth Certificate of the principal is john-henry: doe.

You must put everything in proper order. You must show that the man’s ALL CAPS NAME is not on anything. You show this by writing the NAME in proper English (i.e. john-henry: doe) and saying that the spelling is not my ALL CAPS NAME.

No man has an ALL CAPS NAME or address or date of birth or telephone number or an email address. “so the judge asks you for an email address? or telephone number? or date of birth? or an address? The ALL CAPS NAME MAN does not have it. The post office owns the address the buck act 1940. the telephone company owns all telephone numbers AT&T Verizon they own the number. and email addresses are all owned by service providers; Microsoft Google etc.; they own all email addresses where you don’t own one thing.

On the front of the Birth Certificate you put i-n-d-o-r-s-e--m-e-n-t (spelled with an “i”) on the front. Then on the back of it you write e-n-d-o-r-s-e-m-e-n-t , then you put the principal’s name MARY SUE, JONES by administrator :mary-sue: jones, all rights reserved and date it. Without a cosigner. That shows that you are running the Office as the “Administrator of the Birth Certificate itself.”

endorsement - is a noun, having its origin in the verb "to endorse", which refers to publicly and formally claiming your support for a person, an idea, an action (for something or somebody). "Endorsement", therefore, has the meaning of a publicly announced acceptance of something or somebody.

indorsement - its meaning, According to several law dictionaries, "indorsement" is a legal term for the acceptance of a contract. More exactly, it refers to the placing of the signature on the back of a negotiable instrument such as a check or a bill, with the purpose of making it transferable or cashable.

Trade Name If the judge asks you what your birthday is, you take the Birth Certificate and show him that the Grantor is the state of (your state) Department of Health; and say “I am the administrator of that ALL CAPS NAME; I use it for business.” and you write on the ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||, available upon request

Tell the judge “I am the administrator of that CAPITAL LETTER NAME and I have a DBA with the CAPITAL LETTER NAME and I have the claim of my footprints…”

NOTICE: The Birth Certificate itself is actually a certificate that has financial value and that is the corpus of the Birth Certificate that’s the purpose of the Birth Certificate anyway it’s all for commerce to pay taxes.

NOTICE: You show the Trademark/Trade Name; you’re going to use it as the Administrator of the Certificate of the ALL CAPS ASSUMED NAME. You create the ALL CAPS ASSUMED NAME at the office of the County Clerk under fictitious/assumed names.

You’re going to use the ALL CAPS ASSUMED NAME for the authority as the Administrator of the Birth Certificate. This gives you evidence of an Administrator; you are assuming or the role or the standing for that ARTIFICIAL ENTITY the ALL CAPS NAME.

And that’s where the DBA comes from the County. You go and form a DBA/Trade Name with your CAPITAL LETTER NAME: JOHN HENRY DOE. You go into your county clerk’s office and you ask them for an application to open a Trade Name/ DBA (Trade Name, Doing Business As) and they will give you an application to fill out you pay a fee and they give you a Trade Name Certificate with the County Clerk stamp on it.

Once it is approved then you go back and you record it in the county registry.

When you the assumed ALL CAPS NAME with the town or County Clerk that you’re going to use a Trade Name for business and you’re going to use a different address for business and you’re going to be the Administrator or the Authorized Representative Agent of that ALL CAPS NAME.

In the matter of a court case: The principal Agent will be the prosecutor of the County; the Managing Agent will be the Department of assigned counsel, use the prosecutor of the County address.

You never give up the opportunity to sign a document. You always sign them; you always recognize the principle and you always put down by: whatever standing you’re going to use, Administrator, Director, Authorized Representative Agent and the signature with, all rights reserved under duress under protest, no recourse copy claim, copyright however you want to argue it. And that makes you exempt from liability! Never ever refuse to sign.

You were abandoned at birth and your mother informed on a NAME and then she gave up the footprints. And you have got to reclaim those footprints. You must do the footprints with it to show that you have standing.
Write at the top of your footprint page write (in blue ink): ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||, available upon request.

You can put your feet on some charcoal and put them on a piece of paper and then with the title “I hereby claim my feet, on this date __________, 2022, Authorized Representative Agent: john-henry: doe, dated: November 23, 2022. In the case of a married woman; (your maiden name) “jane-mary: smith a/k/a (your married name) jane-mary-jones. dated: November 23, 2022” and then have it witnessed by two people and you have claimed the feet autograph in proper english and date it.

Once in have claimed your footprints they will have them no more. say: “Here you go your honor I acknowledge the Office; I am the Administrator of it.” And the judge says: “okay we are done!”

In order to break the joinder; you give them an altered Birth Certificate, and you give them a Trade Name/Assumed Name ALL CAPS NAME, and you give them the FOOTPRINTS CLAIM that is enough that they don’t have jurisdiction their jurisdiction is over.

In the case that the defendant is convicted and in jail walk in to the Administrative Office of the court and tell them you have an issue and you would like to handle it. "I have Exculpatory Evidence to show lack of jurisdiction."

exculpatory evidence - In criminal law, exculpatory evidence is evidence, such as a statement, tending to excuse, justify, or absolve the alleged fault or guilt of a defendant. In other words, the evidence is favorable to the defendant. In contrast to it, inculpatory evidence tends to stress guilt.

That is where you go give NOTICE to the Administration that there is an issue and you would like to handle this; you’re going to submit exculpatory evidence for a summary judgment; that you are not the NAME.

So there are two offices to be aware of in the courthouse. 1) The Clerk’s office and 2) the Administrator of the Court House. The Administrator of the court is administration for the offshore corporation. That is different than the Capital State of Rhode Island. State of Rhode Island is the location of the capital.

The Principal Agent is the Prosecutor and you’re going to be the Managing Agent as the assigned counsel or the defense attorney; the address will be their address.

The defendant is guilty of all charges and proof of claim but the man (john-henry: doe) is not going to pay anything the defense attorney will pay the bill.

Notice: These courts are out of order and what’s going to happen what I do is I set them all up to go to jail.

Make sure you don’t have a state bank account. Or state credit union account. If you do you must sever those ties. No state bank account no state credit union account there’s lots of legal reasons why. But if you have a National bank account at Bank of America KeyBank etc. then you want to do is open up a treasury direct account you want to bond the Social Security account. Pay $100 and you want to bond the Birth Certificate ALL CAPS NAME DOE, JOHN HENRY and in that right there will make that ALL CAPS NAME a Creditor to United States of America and it’s a trust violation for what they are doing. They will all go to jail. When you get all this information down the Birth Certificate, the Trade Name ALL CAPS NAME, and the feet prints claim. And you give them notice that you have knowledge of the Office and that you’re using their ALL CAPS NAME doing business as the Administrator and you give notice to the Bar Association tell all your employees all your members give them the information that these are international crimes. Then things start changing real quickly.


This is a Fee for service for $2000.00
Send (2) two USPS Postal Money Orders for $1000.00 each (no other money order will be accepted), via USPS Priority Mail for tracking purposes, wrapped in aluminum foil, to the following address:
National Associated Services, 1800 Mineral Spring Ave., Suite 151, North Providence, RI 02904

I require you to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

I require contingency fee of 15% of amount collected.

You MUST be computer literate.
You MUST have a computer at home.
You MUST be connected to the internet.
You MUST have your own email address.
You MUST be able to edit Microsoft Word documents.
You MUST be able to convert documents to .pdf.
Cell phone text is not accepted.

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